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A Request from the GySgt John Basilone Award Committee.

Hello Marines

As you all are aware GySgt John Basilone is a Marine Icon whose life exemplified that which separates Marines from
the rest of the human race.

Since 2004, on 19 February -Basilone Day the Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone Award for Courage and Commitment
has been given to a Marine who has displayed the same attributes of GySgt Basilone—unshakeable love for his Corps
and unfathomable courage.

Chuck Tatum, Author of Red Blood, Black Sand, an Iowa Jima Marine and probably one of the few Marines left who
served directly under GySgt Basilone has tasked me with a request before he leaves for his meeting with Chesty, that is:
To have MSgt Lena Basilone moved from Riverside Cemetery to Arlington to rest by GySgt Basilone.

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